Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Soon to be listings.

Hi, this is Dan from I wanted to share the experience of building a toy museum with all that have helped me get this far.

I will be adding pics, and soon will be making my mailing lists for the upcoming events/ideas for the museum.

Thanks to all the people who have helped/donated/make the trip here to see my place. I am so proud of the support and interesting lot I have met in the building process. And I am sure I will meet alot more. I have over 50 full sized displays now, and soon I will be adding animation to my lists, as well as some theme rooms.

Keep checking, all items are being used as they arrive. And keep looking for MANY new things as I fill up 36,000 sq feet of school. It should make for one of the best LEGO setups on the planet. As well as a thing to be proud of for myself as well as ALL the great people that have helped make it happen.

Thanks again.

Dan Brown