Saturday, February 17, 2007

Back drop trees for the Bellaire Layout.

Ever think you could make trees in 1in scale. Here they are. Drove me nuts trying to fit them with the buildings, but I did it (about 10 tries later!!!)

They actually look like trees, I was shocked.

I am going to be working on the remainder of the layout (10,000 black tiles for roads) over the next week. I NEED HELP......Mental and Physical!


Snow last week clobbered us, but the week before.

We completed the following the week before;

Knights layout is back together. We were able to complete most of it.

We cleaned the museum, moved most of the items out of the center of the hallways back into place!

We got a 10ft tall time line of the LEGO(r) company. Nice addition.

LIGHTS on the band are working and sequenced, NO SMALL TASK.

The video system for the band is up and running as well. And we have wireless setup for show on the top level of the viewing area...SWEET

Rick completed a ton of models, and the shelves are filling up big time!

Setup the COLTC church, and assembled the grave yard around it.

Completed the warehouse for the XXXXXXX room. It looks aok!

Worked on more of the micro scale Bellaire Layout (above)